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Canop[i] Studio™ is a suite of tightly integrated real investment solutions provided by Churchill Technologies empowering portfolio managers and investors to command real estate assets across the capital stack 

Leading the proptech pack, Churchill Technologies has engineered a proprietary HIP (Hybrid integration platform) called Command control™

Churchill built this HIP from the ground up with real estate investment hooks, tie-ins, transports, and transformations.

Every 60 seconds, Data Czar™ scans access levels and permission types to ensure resource access fidelity.
As business risks are identified, they are taught to Data Czar™,who then keeps a perpetual watchful eye on those learned activites
As regulations shift, they are taught to Data Czar™, who then alerts employees when they are straying close to a regulatory boundary.

LOAN MAVEN™ was designed as an internal asset management tool for loan originatorsand aggregators (buyers), providing an additional layer of oversight to any loan investor’s portfolio and servicing management technology stack.


Integrated BI tools

Auto Logging
Change Control
Dyanamic PII Security

Integrated Files Sockets™

The Spyglass™ platform puts Canopi™ users out in front with real-time investor dashboards that aren’t dependent on any one reporting system or style.  All of a specific investor’s data, pre-compiled and augmented with trend and market data, is available 24/7 for reporting and decision making processes.

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